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Have you ever wanted to be absolutely exquisite, gorgeous and irresistible

Would you like to know that you could magnetize whoever you want?...

Have the POWER to turn heads wherever you go?

To be Wildly Attractive to literally anyone?!
That's what this course will teach you to do.
3 hour Course + Workbook + Bonuses
*This course is a pre-recorded, live Workshop, Workbook & several Bonuses (details below).
Here's what you'll learn in this Self-Love Course:
  • Discover the most powerful tool to become Wildly Irresistible to anyone you want!
  • Learn the biggest secret about being attractive (hint: it has everything to do with how you see yourself)
  • ​Find out the 2 things that dictate how attracted people are to you (yes - just 2 things!)
  • ​Discover the misconception most people have about attraction - why this belief sabotages our relationships & how to completely turn it around
  • Learn exact phrases and affirmations to tell yourself to become Magnetic to anyone
  • ​Step by step to create a Highly Successful Affirmation practice... where you become what you're affirming
  • Develop a deep understanding of how to start FEELING yourself as Irresistibly Attractive
  • ​Discover the fastest process to change your SELF CONCEPT to be the person you most want to be
  • ​Find out how to mold your own Attractive Energy to create your reality (& relationships) from the inside-out
  • Deep-dive into Everyone is You Pushed Out, exactly how to use it to create your desired reality
  • Discover the exact affirmations, thoughts, phrases and sayings (and how to use them) to create a reality where others see you the way you desire
  • Learn how to convince your Inner World how others feel about you before you see "proof out there"
  • ​Enjoy receiving the attention you've always wanted, and experiencing how easy it is to do so!
  • Discover why Self Love is truly the way to create the relationship and life you want, and exactly how to do it!
  • Why using "Fierce Self Love" is Wildly Attractive to people... and how to do it!
  • Exactly what to do when you don't feel magnetic or attractive
  • ​Learn to be absolutely SELF LOVING for the rest of your life, and reap the fruits of this amazing lifestyle!
Also, as soon as you join you'll receive this epic 75-page Workbook filled with exercises that will move you into the STATE of being Irresistibly Attractive! 
a $50+ Value... Yours FREE
  • BONUS 1: Receive a 10 min Guided Meditation to Become Your Most Powerful, Magnetic Self
  • BONUS 2: Receive a list of "I Am Magnetic" Affirmations to become Wildly Attractive
  • ​BONUS 3: Receive a list of "Beginner Self Love" Affirmations to start with or use when you feel down
  • BONUS 4: Receive a list of Affirmations about how your Specific Person sees and feels about you 
  • BONUS 5: Receive a general list of Affirmations about how others see and feel about you 
  • 3 hour Become Magnetic Video Download: Shelly dives DEEP into all the aspects of how to Become the Most Magnetic, Irresistible & Wildly Attractive Version of Yourself... this practice will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (& you'll see results fast!)
  • 3 hour Become MagneticAudio Download: If you prefer to hear Shelly's teaching through Audio, you have that option, too
  • 75 Page Epic Become Magnetic Workbook: Use this incredible Workbook to get you into the State of Being HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE... download it to use it over and over again
  • BONUS AFFIRMATION SHEETS: Over 100 affirmations done for you! Affirmations to use for Self Love, to Become Irresistible & to Magnetize Your Specific Person (or New Love!)
  • BONUS GUIDED MEDITATION: Get into the State of the Wish Fulfilled with this Bonus 10+ minute meditation... listen to it again and again to become the most Attractive Version of Yourself!
How Much? Total price is: $222 
But ALL THIS can be Yours Now for Only $150
*This course is a pre-recorded, live Workshop, Workbook & several Bonuses.
Once you claim yourself as beautiful, Magnetic, Irresistible and Wildly Attractive then you'll see results IMMEDIATELY... 

The people in your reality will see you this way, too!

This is a SUPER FUN process... I can't wait to dive into it with you!
Regular price: $222 
Yours Now for: $150!
*This course is a pre-recorded, live Workshop, Workbook & several Bonuses.
Love, xo
Shelly Bullard
Manifesting Expert, Marriage & Family Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, 
Juicy Magnetic Woman (& proud!)
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