SELF LOVE is the foundation 
of all successful Manifestation...

Manifesting means exactly this: 

Life Reflects Your Dominant Beliefs and Feelings Back to You.

Therefore, if you know that you are: 

→ Deeply Worthy
→ Exquisitely Beautiful
→ Entirely Lovable
→ Meant to Have Anything You Want

Well then, that's what you'll get from life and other people.

Essentially, when you experience your Wholeness, Worthiness, Beauty, and Specialness on a very deep level...

Then the world and other people experience you that way, too. 

They offer that love right back to you...

And it's what this Masterclass will teach you to do.

2 hour video course with Shelly + 94 page Workbook

(Essentially, how to cultivate very deep Self Love so you can receive Love - in all forms - in every aspect of your life)

Your Spiritual Nature 
is Love

→ The Biggest factor to creating Unwavering Self Love is Awakening Your Infinite/Spiritual Nature

​→ Meditation to tune-into and cultivate your God Self

​→ Cultivate the deepest sense of PEACE within you by landing in your Spiritual Nature

​→ Once you make contact with your God Self, you truly can Manifest ANYTHING... I'll show you exactly how

Loving Yourself & 
Creating Your Magnificent 
Self Concept

→ Design your Self Concept to be the most magnificent version of yourself

→ Learn to Prioritize Yourself (and why this is really the KEY to manifesting anything you want)

→ ​​​​Learn to love your physical body & appearance (which is the #1 thing that makes others attracted to you)

→ Easy Self Love practices that will have you GLOWING from the inside-out

Healing Your Inner Child & Dissolving Painful 
Relationship Patterns

→ ​Meditation to heal your Inner Child (wounded self) on the spot, the moment fear, anxiety or hurt arises

→ ​Let go of NEEDY or CHASING relationship dynamics forever

→ ​Discover how to talk yourself out of feeling unworthy, left, or rejected

→ ​Create the deepest experience of Self Love you could ever feel, which is love between you and your Inner Child

→ ​By healing the Inner Child, you can completely LET GO of dysfunctional relationship patterns forever and always feel loved and worthy

Everyone is Your Self 
Pushed Out

→ ​Gain deep understanding of the truth that you have full control over how others see you, feel about you, & treat you

→ ​Mold and shape your reality so you're treated exactly the way you want to be by your SP (& anyone else!)

→ ​​Learn the secrets of being PURSUED & LOVED (by anyone!) like never before

​→ ​Learn the main mistakes people make when it comes to Everyone Is You Pushed Out & your SP... and exactly how to FIX THIS NOW to finally get the love you want!
2 hour prerecorded Self Love Masterclass video call: 
Shelly dives deep into all the aspects of how to create Self Love in a way you can deeply FEEL... this practice is the GOLDEN KEY to manifesting everything you desire. 
Included is 2 meditations... one to embody your God Self & one to Heal Your Inner Child.

→Lifetime access to the course: 
Emailed to you the day after the event

→94 Page Self Love Workbook: 
Exercises to get you into the state of potent Self Love... download it to use it over and over again 

You are HERE to know Your Worth and Preciousness as a human being. 

Once you develop this knowing within - which is Self Love - you'll truly be able to Manifest anything you desire.

Join Now & Embody the Deepest Self Love You've ever felt.
With so much love, xo
Is this the same Self Love Masterclass Shelly offered in 2020? 
A: Yes & no. The material and format of the Masterclass and Workbook are the same as the Self Love Masterclass Shelly offered live in 2020. However this Masterclass will be slightly different because Shelly is delivering the material now, 3 years later. 
Is this a prerecorded course?
A: This is a prerecorded, 2 hour long video course plus a 94 page Workbook. 
If I purchased Shelly's old Self Love Masterclass, do I get this one for free?
A: No, this is considered a whole new course - a remake of the old one. If you took the old course and you still want to join, please do so! I'm sure there will be new pieces of information that will be valuable to you.
Are there refunds?
A: There are no refunds for this course so please make sure you desire this material before purchasing.
Is there a payment plan?
A: This course does not have a payment plan.
Who can I contact if I have an issue with purchasing (or I want to pay with PayPal)? 
 A: - Shelly’s customer service team is there to help you with anything you need!
"Shelly, I honestly can't thank you enough for this beautiful course! I feel like my soul is finally awake and realising all the things I knew deep down all along.I realise now that true self love is a practice like a muscle we need to exercise.I've been telling all my friends about how amazing you are and how your videos have changed my life. I've even got the non-believers into manifesting because of you!"

"I'm surprised I feel a change so quickly. Honestly it's crazy I've had people text me and call me today telling me that they love me and how amazing that I am."
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