The relationship you desire… 
Wealth that sets you free… 
→ A lifestyle you crave and that has seemed out of reach (until now)… 

The secret it, you must become...

→What if you were so committed to yourself that you knew that everyone and everything you ever wanted could and would be yours? 

→What if you were so committed to yourself, you knew that you would ALWAYS have your own back... you would always be your own best friend... you would always choose yourself over and over again? 
→What if you were so committed to your outcomes and results that you began to KNOW that your desires would be yours, no matter what? 

→What if you were so certain that others would be there for you... they would show up for you, love you, care for you, fight for you, that you never worried about the opposite again? 

→What if the feeling of COMMITMENT... both to yourself and from others and life towards you... was a governing essence in your life?


In this course, manifesting a reality like this is what you'll learn to do. 

→You are ready to feel CERTAIN that ALL of your desires can be yours and to live from that place

→ You still struggle with commitment… in particular receiving commitment from other people… and you’re ready to put an END to that pattern

→ You want to embody and live as your most confident self… the YOU that really knows you can have whatever you want

→ You’re ready to stop thinking about “how” to get your desire and instead step into the mindset, energy and knowing that IT IS YOURS NOW

→ You’re done wavering in doubt and uncertainty when it comes to having your desires

→ You want to start this year in the energy of COMMITTED… to yourself, to your desires, and to easily creating the life of your dreams

… a person who can call-forth whatever they want. And here's why: 

When you decide…


When you learn to not waver from your inner -vision… 

And to truly EMBODY being that person NOW… 

→ You WILL manifest everything you desire. 

That embodiment of COMMITMENT is what I will teach you do in this Masterclass. 

→ 2 hour pre-recorded video course with Shelly Bullard
2 hours of deep-dive teachings and questions & answers with Shelly

→ In depth Workbook guiding you to become COMMITTED now
120 pages guiding you to manifest FULL COMMITMENT into your life now
When you become a person who is COMMITTED… 

Both to yourself and to your desires

When you embody the energy of being this person NOW… 

This is the only key you need to draw your desires to you

That’s what this Masterclass will teach you to do. 

Is this a live course? 
A: This is now a prerecorded video course.
How will I receive the access to the course?
A: As soon as you join, you will be sent an email within 15 minutes that gives you access to the entire course.
Are there refunds?
A: There are no refunds for this course so please make sure you desire the material before purchasing.
When will I receive the workbook?
A: You will receive the Workbook as soon as you join.
How is this course different from Shelly's other courses?
A: All of Shelly’s courses are both different and similar to each other. Her courses are similar in the sense that Shelly teaches manifesting in a very particular way, so you will experience her style of teaching in all of her courses. And her courses are all different in that each course will take you on a unique journey that is the theme of the course. This course focuses on committing to yourself and manifesting commitment from others... none of her other courses have that exact theme. Please keep in mind there will always be some repeat material in her courses (for example, she teaches "Self Love" in almost all of them)... AND there will always be new exercises and new material, too. She strives to make each course a NEW experience for those who like to take multiple of her courses. 
Is there a payment plan?
A: This course does not have a payment plan.
Who can I contact if I have an issue with purchasing (or I want to pay with PayPal)? 
 A: - Shelly’s customer service team is there to help you with anything you need!
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