Embody the unshakable KNOWING that you ARE shown-up for, committed to, loved and prioritized in your relationship, and it WILL FINALLY become your reality.
A 2.5 hour Masterclass + 60 page Workbook

Investment: $222

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A 2.5 hour pre-recorded Masterclass + 60 page Workbook
Investment: $222

Something in you KNOWS you are meant to experience great love in this lifetime.

You can’t shake the feeling… you won’t be satisfied or complete until it happens to you… 

You know you are meant to be: 

*Committed to
*And shown-up for

I also KNOW this reality is MEANT for you. 

Deep down, you know what an incredible person you are. 

You are smart, funny, attractive… you have so many amazing qualities, they’re hard to count!

The only problem is there seems to be an unfortunate “glitch” that happens in your relationships… 

(And you hate to admit it, but it’s happened more than once)... 

Somehow you end up feeling...
  • ​You stop feeling their consistent choosing of you and your relationship
  • Your person’s energy and excitement to be with you fades away after a few weeks or months, or even a year or two. Either way you’re suddenly left guessing after it felt... SO. GOOD. 
  • They stop short of going “all in” with you
  • You end up feeling dropped, left hanging, hurt and wondering where the love has gone


You are READY to overcome this deeply unsatisfying pattern… 

you are ready to put the necessary work in to BE FULLY CHOSEN in your love-life, once and for all. 

I’m here to help you do exactly that. 

I know the process very well of becoming the person who is CHOSEN completely, fully, unshakeably by the man I love every single day. And, here’s the thing. 

The power is already within you.

It always has been. That’s why he was so drawn to you in the first place.


There once was a time that I didn’t feel chosen by the man I love… 

I was so hurt, I was SO OVER IT… I tried everything to make HIM change. But, that’s not how this works. 

So, I got my shit together and I DID the necessary Inner Work

By focusing on the correct inner transformation techniques, I BECAME the woman who KNOWS she is CHOSEN … even before it showed up in my reality “out there” … 

And the results of this Inner Work speaks for itself: 

After doing the Inner Work, the man I love put a gorgeous diamond ring on my finger and asked me to walk beside him for the rest of our lives.

Finally, I’d become the woman who is CHOSEN… and therefore, it had to appear as the reality in my life (ps… this is what manifesting is… the inner appears in the outer!)


I this Masterclass, I will guide you to become the person who lives with the unwavering knowing that:

... over and over again. 

And watch your outer reality conform to that absolute, concrete, unwavering inner truth and knowing:

  • ​Feel the joy of being consistently CHOSEN by the person you love
  • Wake up everyday knowing that your person WANTS to be there for you (and that person shows you in more ways than you could have ever possibly asked for)
  • Finally feel like you can relax into trusting that love will continuously be showered onto you and you will never have to question it or yourself ever again
  • ​Experience the deep, soul-level satisfaction of being the number one priority to the one you love

I am honored to introduce my newest masterclass to help you do exactly that: 

Embody the unshakable KNOWING that you WILL BE shown-up for, committed to, loved and prioritized in your relationship, so it can FINALLY become the reality for you.

In this Masterclass, you will learn: 

  • ​The exact, step-by-step, clear instructions on what it means to first become chosen internally and on to BECOME CHOSEN internally so it will manifest in your reality right now (with a specific person or new love)
  • ​Learn the 5 MOST POTENT Embodiment Practices that will result in the reflection of BEING CHOSEN in your relationship (and make you irresistible to your special person all over again)
  • ​How to become the person who is CHOSEN, a priority, and committed to every single day, so that you’re never left questioning your situation or their feelings
  • ​How to build a routine and structured, systemized manifesting practices that will easily transform your Self Concept into being CHOSEN, so it happens to you that are easy to implement and fun to follow
  • ​Be transported into feeling the Wish Fulfilled through Shelly’s guided meditation, one of the most potent ways to manifest being CHOSEN in your reality NOW so that you have the deepest, soul-level, body knowing that this is yours.

Plus you'll receive this in-depth, 60 page Workbook:

*The exercises in this Workbook will ensure you are continuously embodying the state of being CHOSEN now, to potently manifest this reality for you!

This is the difference between continuing with the same old cycle of not feeling prioritized or having to keep asking and demanding your worth in a relationship, and living with the ever-occurring experience of being CHOSEN in love every. single. day. without having to force a thing.

It’s time for you to live with the satisfying, peaceful knowing that your special person wants you, chooses you and prioritizes you. Again and again.

And I’m going to teach you exactly how.

A 2.5 hour Masterclass + in depth Workbook
Investment: $222

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