You are here to walk with elegance and embody your greatest confidence...

To experience your innate magnetism and beauty shining through you every day.

You are here to feel revered in your relationships... chosen in love.

What is the key to becoming this person and creating a reality where others see you this way, too?
Once you step into BEING CHERISHED (regardless of your outside circumstances), everything changes... 

You are able to create a reality of BEING CHERISHED with anyone you wish.

That’s what this deep-dive course will teach you to do.
✺ You are ready to fully step into your Goddess Self and BE HER, consistently, in every aspect of your life

✺ You are ready to harness the power of MAGNETISM that lives in you, and feel your ability to call whomever you want to you, naturally

✺ You are ready to live as a person who is completely ADORED, DESIRED, and REVERED at all times  

✺ You are ready to live as your Queen Self, and receive the abundance of love that is poured onto you as a result

✺ You are ready to heal and let go of insecurity, feeling not good enough, or any other Self Concepts that are keeping you from creating the life and love you really want to be living

✺ You want clear guidance on exactly how to become your most CHERISHED SELF… the you who chooses herself and is chosen by others, now and always

✺ You are ready to shine brighter than you ever have before


Access your innate beauty that shines forth from your Spiritual Nature. Learn to embody this aspect of yourself and watch how irresistible you become to all your desires. 
Lessons include: Who Is Your Divine Self, Wholeness is Who You Are, Manifest from Infinity, Divinity is Devoted To & Embody Your Divine Self (Guided Meditation)


Learn several of the most powerful techniques to activate your magnetic attraction and feel irresistible everywhere you go. 
Lessons include: Choose to Be Magnetic, Become Magnetic to Others (General), Become Magnetic to Your Specific Person, The MOST Attractive Thing Is & Guided Meditation to Embody Magnetism


When you learn to step into the Self who IS cherished, the experience of being cherished, revered, honored, seen and loved by others is the natural reflection. I will show you how.
Lessons include: Self Concept, The Cherished You, Exactly How to Imagine & Script to Become Cherished, Affirmations to Become Cherished, Acting as If You're Cherished, Guided Meditation to Become Cherished Now


We all know what it’s like to feel insecure or unloved in a relationship; luckily this is a Self Concept you can heal from. When you do, you’ll know how to rise into confidence again and again, when you need it the most.
Lessons include: How to Rise Out of Not Feeling Cherished, The #1 Tool, Technique to Still Get What You Want (Even If You Don't Feel Cherished), Get Rid of Doubt, Guided Meditation to Use When Feeling Low 


Everyone is Your Self Pushed Out… yes, you can change how other people see you in your reality... it has everything to do with what's happening in your Inner World. Learn to master this great truth to finally create the relationships you deeply desire.
Lessons include: Everyone is Your Self Pushed Out, Create Another Person, Affirmations that Work On Other People, Inner Conversations to Transform the 3D, Guided Meditation: Being Loved By Another


Living in the End is the only process we need to do to manifest what we want. Learn the best possible tools to embody the end state of being cherished now, and learn how to remain in this state until your desires harden into fact.
Lessons include: The Only Step to Manifest, The Landscape of Your Relationship, Effectively Live in the End with Your SP, Live in the End (New Love), Guided Meditation: You are in the Relationship of Your Dreams
⫸ Access to a private website with 6 Modules (31 video lessons total) teaching you all the steps to become someone who is CHERISHED now

⫸ 6 full length PDF Workbooks filled with exercises guiding you to embody the CHERISHED YOU

⫸ All the guidance you need to step into your most honored, revered, devoted to, and cherished self now

If you join CHERISHED now, you have the option to join this special online event on April 12th:

A one-time live sacred event where you will receive my Transmission of Being Cherished Now.

For the first time ever, I am offering an upgrade for this course to join the “Cherished Temple” - an online 3 hour retreat with me where you will EXPERIENCE first-hand, the embodied experience of being cherished now. 

For the small group of you who choose to join this portion of the course, we will create MAGIC together

Each individual in this group will get to ask me a question live (not in the chat… you’ll actually speak with me) and I will give you the exact codes you need to take your embodiment into being CHERISHED to the next level. 

As I haven’t offered one-on-one coaching for years, this is an incredible opportunity to receive my laser-focused guidance to you and your situation specifically. 

Along with the coaching, we will do a few CHERISHED rituals within the group to activate the codes of being CHERISHED within you now. 

You will walk away from this 3 hour event feeling glowing and divine. 

The Cherished Temple will be held on Wednesday, April 12th at 11am Pacific Time. 

If you choose to join this segment of the course, you will receive an additional email with special instructions on what to do, dress and bring to our special online event.

Several years ago, I made a commitment to myself:

I will be a woman who is CHERISHED🔥

From that day forward, that is exactly what happened. 

Becoming Cherished did not happen to me because I waited to receive it from others... 

It came because it's who I stepped into being. 

I made this course so you can, too.
You have the ability to be completely CHERISHED, DESIRED, and LOVED by anyone you want. 

The secret to learning to BECOME CHERISHED now, and the outer reality will reflect this back to you. 

Join me in CHERISHED and find out exactly how. 

So much love, 
After I join, how will I receive the course?
Once you make the payment, you'll receive login details via email within 10 minutes to access the entire course so you can begin your Cherished journey right away.

Is this course for people manifesting a specific person or new love? 
Both. I address manifesting a specific person multiple times in this course. The course is also applicable if you do not have a specific person yet and are manifesting new love.

How is this course different from Shelly’s other courses? 
Shelly has a course named: How to Be Claimed, Cherished, Wanted & Adored. Even though the name is similar, this course (CHERISHED) is an entirely different course. How are they different? How to Be Claimed, Cherished, Wanted and Adored is an 8 Video Lesson course with a 55 page Workbook that guides individuals to be Claimed, Cherished, Wanted and Adored by a Specific Person or New Love. This course, CHERISHED, is a much more in-depth course (31 Video Lessons, 6 Workbooks) that guides individuals through multiple pathways of being Cherished in a relationship (we cover specific person and new love in this course). The Modules and Lessons are listed above for reference. The material of CHERISHED (this course) is not a repeat of the other course - it is new material and new lessons, guiding anyone who wants to step into the embodiment of being cherished to do so.

Are there refunds? 
There are no refunds for this course, so please ensure you want the material before you purchase. Feel free to email us if you have any questions about the course before joining:

Who do I contact if I want to pay with PayPal or need other technical support? - Shelly’s customer service team is there to help you out.
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