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  •  Would you like to access the most attractive energy there is & internally align with this energy to feel incredibly confident, beautiful, poised, glowing in relationships?
  •  Would you like to claim yourself as an incredible, gorgeous, amazing woman, and feel fully-embodied in and out of relationships?
  •  Are you ready to learn the secrets of creating the type of deeply-fulfilling, connected, loving relationship that your heart truly desires?
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is a program that will teach you how to activate your natural energy to Become Highly Magnetic in Relationships
Here's what you'll learn...
• Discover the most powerful technique to turn-on your magnetic energy

• Learn the biggest secret about being attractive (hint: it has everything to do with how you see yourself)

• Find out the one thing that dictates how attracted people are to you (yes - just one thing!)

• Discover the false belief most people have about attraction - why this belief sabotages our relationships & how to completely turn it around

• Discover the powerful yet simple technique that boosts attraction more than anything else!

• Find out the 3 questions you must ask yourself seen & experienced by others in a way that's deeply fulfilling for you

• Learn how to authentically embody any “flavor” of energy you want (i.e. beautiful, elegant, sensual, powerful) - and do so in a way that people feel & respond to that energy in youinstantly

Find out how to play with your own attractive energy to create your reality (& relationships) from the inside-out

• Discover the very-particular energy that makes people irresistible (I'm talking absolutely glowing) & how to grow this energy within yourself

• Find out why loving your body is the fastest way to create a body you love (and how to actually do it!)

• Learn how to stop working against your body so that sensuality, beauty, and love are states-of-being that you live in all the time

• Learn the very simple process to create an amazing relationship from the inside-out (it's so easy - anyone can do it)

• Discover why expecting a partner to treat you a certain way sabotages connection (& what to do instead...)

• Find out the subtle ways you may be blocking love from others (how to spot those ways & turn them into opportunities for greater & deeper attraction...)

Find out the easiest way to inspire others to treat you in way that feels SO GOOD to you (this is truly the secret to creating the type of relationships you've always wanted) 
  • The Ignite Your Feminine Magnetic Power mini-course (35 page PDF - 8 comprehensive Lessons)
  • A PDF Workbook filled with exercises that will guide you towards embodying your natural magnetic energy (23 pages)
  •  2 guided meditations - transmissions that will automatically align you with your natural magnetic energy within
  • Self-study course - move at a pace that works for you
  • The course is yours to keep - come back to it again and again
  • Downloads of all the course materials will be sent to your inbox directly after you purchase the course (receive instant access!)
  •  Magnetism, Attraction, Self-Embodiment & Love
I want you to know who you really are!

Shelly Bullard, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Love Coach, Spiritual Teacher

I want you to tap-into your gorgeousness and realize that IT IS YOU. It has always been you.

I also want you to have access to this Wisdom at a very low price....
Why is this course so inexpensive?

Truthfully, because I want you to have it!!

I’m fully committed to helping you become the person you want to be and creating the relationships you truly desire. 

The Wisdom of this course is all about connecting to the LOVE that you truly are to become your most Magnetic Self. 

This is something I want everyone to learn, which is why I'm offering you this program at such a low cost. 

No catch. Just love.

If you're ready to ignite your natural, magnetic, irresistible, embodied energy - the energy that you truly are - then this course will lead the way. 

Guiding you to shine from the inside-out... as the Love that you truly are. 

With deep love, xo

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