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Course #1:
  • Move deeper into the felt experience of being a luscious, exquisite, gorgeous Feminine Woman
  • Feel deeply at-Home in your body, heart, emotions, mind, Spirit & Soul
  • Discover what it truly means to live your life as the Essence of Love (& how to do it)
  • Find out if you're disconnected from your Feminine energy & how to easily re-align with your Exquisite, Feminine Nature
  • Find out how to use your energy to become a Master Manifestor - call in anything you desire
  • Discover how to attract a Conscious Relationship - the Highest Expression of Romantic Love
• 25-page PDF course
• 27-page Workbook
• 8 Audio Lessons
Regular Price: $159
Course #2:
• 35-page PDF course
• 23-page Workbook
• 8 Audio Lessons
• 2 Guided Meditations
Regular Price: $159
  • Discover the most powerful techniques to turn-on your natural, magnetic energy
  • Find out the one thing that dictates how attracted people are to you (it'll surprise you!)
  • Discover the false beliefs most people have about attraction - why this belief sabotages our relationships & how to completely turn them around
  • Find out the very-particular energy that makes people irresistible (I'm talking absolutely glowing) & how to grow this energy within yourself
  • Find out the subtle ways you may be blocking love from others (how to spot those ways & turn them into opportunities for greater & deeper attraction...)
Course #3:
  • Find out why you're still caught in this pattern of attracting unavailable partners (even though you're conscious!) and learn how to overcome it for good
  • Learn 5 incredibly potent tools to dissolve "unavailable energy" from your field (which is keeping you stuck in this pattern)
  • Learn 8 life-changing techniques that will align you with the energy that will automatically attract the type of relationship you desire
  • Discover the Essential Truth you need to know to transform your experience in relationships forever
  • Discover the straightforward path to finally create the love you truly want
• 56-page PDF course
• 23-page Workbook
• 14 Audio Lessons
• 3 Guided Meditations
Regular Price: $169
Course #4:
• 23-page PDF course
• 20-page Workbook
• 5 Audio Lessons
• 1 Guided Meditation
Regular Price: $139
  • Learn how to use your energy to create financial abundance
  • Overcome your blocks and fears about money
  • Discover the secrets of boosting your wealth-vibration, to keep money flowing to you
  • Find out the exact steps to Manifest Money (5 steps, easy-to-follow guidance)
  • Really discover HOW to manifest... and especially, HOW to manifest money
The Total Price of these courses is: $626.
But they can all 4 be yours today
 for one-payment of $66!
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I'm Shelly Bullard & I want you to create the life & relationship you desire.
This is the 4 Course Bundle I'm offering you Right Now:
The Sacred Path of Feminine Embodiment - deepen into your gorgeous, feminine energy like never before
Ignite Your Feminine Magnetic Power - embody the most attractive energy there is & shine from the inside out!
The Easy, 5-Step Money Manifesting Process - learn how easy manifesting money can be (truly!)
Stop the Pattern of Attracting Unavailable Partners - dissolve and let go of outdated patterns in your romantic relationships (so you can finally have the love you want)
Regular Price: $626. 
Yours for 90% OFF. 
One payment of $66
**All the materials are yours to keep as soon as you join above (they'll be sent to you instantly via email). 

Come back to each course again and again to create your dream life. Because that's what you're here to do. 

With love,
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